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on December 20th,2013

Happy 4th Bithday -Litter "C"!

Wow! 4 years ...it feels like yesterday ...lovely litter of 2 boys and 2 girls :) and they turned 4 today -Time flies ! Thank you very much all Litter C-"pearls" owners who share your hearts love and care with our treasures. Special thank you to the two Smith families who stay in touch with us all these years , sending us pictures and sharing lovely stories ! I cannot resist to post one I got today :)

"Hi Lina,

Just wanting to say Happy Birthday to Litter "C"!! They are 4 years old today!
Maddie has been a true gift for us - she is a happy girl 100% of the time - she is friendly to everyone and loves other dogs. There is no aggression towards people or other dogs - she might bark initially but always friendly and happy to greet them. She makes us laugh all the time with some clownish behavior and seems to be happiest when getting us all to smile at her!
Her favorite thing is to play with her ball - she loves to go get it and bring it back - she could play that 500 times in a row and still not be tired. She also has a excellent search and recover ability - we hide the ball or a toy while she sits in one room - then tell her to find it. She uses her nose & mouth and catches it's scent and will find it every time ! It's really fascinating and she is so proud of herself when she returns with the object. She loves to go for walks and we are always stopped by people asking about her and admiring her beauty as well as her 'high- stepping' prance!! She really stops traffic sometimes! I think we got a natural show dog here!! I noticed you didn't have a show dog out of Litter C - I think Maddie should of been one.
She is 11 pounds at last doctor 's visit (1 month ago) and stands 13 1/2 " from the top of her shoulders to the floor. Her coat is thick and still jet black. There is a bit of brown in her little moustache and maybe a hint of grey in her beard under her chin - otherwise she is coal black .
She has been raised by my husband and I and loves us both but I'd have to say that I'm definitely her favorite. She is a Mama's girl. She is glued to my side 98% of the time. I knit a lot and she lays beside me or on my lap with the strands of yarn running across her head and body ... She 's never minded or even tried to fuss with it.

Anyway just wanted to give you an update on our Maddie on her birthday and thank you again for choosing us to be her family. We are blessed to have her and tell her everyday!
Hope all the other "litter c's" are as wonderful and happy as our "Maddie Girl".
Happy 4TH Birthday "Litter C "!
Sue Smith"


on November 25th,2013

We Got Puppies...Litter "E "- is for Exellence!

We got 2 boys and 2 girls :)



on October 31,2013

Happy Halloween! BP Calendar 2014 are coming .....

We wish all of you Happy Halloween and Upcoming Holiday Season! We are also happy to announce that upon multiple requests we are resuming to publish our Lovely Table and Wall Calendars and ALL PEARLS are very welcome to sent us their pictures(size = 2MB or more), so we can put them in . The first batch is on the way and will be ready in December . Just shoot me the email and I will provide you with info if you are interested in getting one.

Also cannot resist not to put lovely pic of Hershey , from Litter C- (Jazz X Jack), who tries his best to look GRET in the 2014 Calendar ! :)



on September 15th and Sept 21 st ,2013


Litter E: Due to November 24th

Sire: Am Ch Jasenak Rock-N-Roll (Jack )
Dam: Jasenak Background (pointed) (Jazz)

Same combination as Litter A and Litter C

Dam Sire



on September 14th 2013

We are the CHAMPIONS!!!

We are very happy to brag to the world that our Canadian and UKC champion Black Pearl Golden Gate to Our Destiny (Destiny) became American champion finishing in BB class with final 4 point major today !!! Many thanks to ALL my friends who supports us,helps us with grooming and training ,we are all VERY HAPPY!!!


on July 4th-7th 2013

Woo-Hoo from Ventura, CA!

We got BOW WB 2 days and 4pt Major under Judges Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Sandy Weat . Just 3 points left to became American CH!

We also meet the friends and have LOT OF FUN!!!



on May 18-19th 2013

What a great time we had with Destiny ,showing at Vallejo, CA!

We got BOB, BOW WB both days under Judges Mrs. Sue Goldberg andMs. Carolyn A. Herbel. Total 8 points toward American CH


on March 22-24th 2013

Black Pearl Golden Gate to Our Destiny (Destiny ) was showing Great at Vallejo, CA!

We got WB under Judge Mr. Robert R. Frost ; and Reserve WB under the Jadges Mr. James E. Noe and Mr. Luc Boileau . Total 6 points toward American CH


on March 24th , 2013

Black Pearl Golden Gate to Our Destiny (Destiny ) show calendar for this year , come over!

July 7-10 Ventura, CA

June 6-9 - Vallejo,CA

May 16th - 19th Vallejo,CA

April 20-21 - Vallejo,CA

on January, 2012

Black Pearl Golden Gate to Our Destiny (Destiny ) in Daly City, CA! We are VERY happy to announce that our traditional and favorite show in Daly City, CA was a big success and very good start of the NEW SHOW YEAR! We got BOB, WB and BBE both days and GROUP 3 Under Judge Mr. Kenneth M. McDermott

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