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Many issues concern poodle breeders today, some which affect only one of the varieties and some which plague the breed as a whole.

I have used this space on my website for good reason.  Be aware and beware of dogs that come from parents that are not health tested - Caveat emptor - Buyer Beware .  Don't just take a breeder's word for it, ask for an actual copy of the health certificates.  If a breeder tells you, "I don't test because I don't have any health problems in my lines", please find another breeder!

Although parents that have passed all tests can still produce affected offspring, your odds are much better if you are dealing with a breeder that is conscientious enough to spend the time and money to test their breeding stock. Do not hesitate to contact me concerning health issues. If I cannot answer your questions, I will find someone that can.

Everyone wants a beautiful dog.  Some people want a dog to show, some a dog to work, but we all want a healthy and sound companion.  It is your responsibility as a breeder or a buyer to make certain your companion has the best chance to fulfill those needs.

We test our dogs with :

Dogs Full Name CERF Patella Optigen Hip/elbow didplasia. OFA
Jasenak Rock-N-Roll (Jack) Clear/POM-2362  Clear/PO-PA1030/28M/P-VPI  Clear/Optigen A  Fair/PO-17721F28M-VPI
Jasenak Background (Jazz) Clear/POM-2368  Good/by parentage  Clear/Optigen A  Good/by parentage

BlackPearl Wild Gipcy Rose(Rosa)

CHIC #: 64645


Clear/POM-2607  Clear/PO-PA1141/21F/P Clear/Optigen A PO-PRA769/21F-VPI  Fair/PO-18468F24F-VPI

BlackPearl Fog City Starlet (Julka)



Clear/POM-354609 Clear/PO-PA1537/33F/P-VPI  Clear/by parentage  Good/PO-19360G33F-VPI
Gulfbreeze Buterfly With Black Pearl (Mariposa) Clear/ Clear/

Clear/by parantage


Good/ Prelim



BlackPearl Golden Gate to Our Destiny(Destiny)



Clear/POM-370881 Clear/PO-PA1961/19F/P-VPI


Optigen Accession #: 13-3673


BlackPearl Happy Hippie (Hippie)



PO-EYE3295/12M-NOPI Clear/PO-PA1961/19F/P-VPI


Optigen Accession #: 13-3673


Guilfo Impertanente(Tylor)



PO-DM1473/12M-VPI Clear/PO-OC287/12M-VPI





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