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Grooming is the most challenging part of owning a poodle, although can be a Big Fun for creative person ! All pictures on our website is Our grooming!

Good grooming is important for all dogs, but it is absolutely essential for poodles. A well-groomed Poodle will not only look her best, good grooming helps prevent skin, coat, dental and other health problems. It is often said “Poodles are non-shedding and hypo-allergenic.” Well, poodles do shed, but the loose hair stays in the coat rather than falling out in the house. In order to keep your poodles coat from becoming a matted mess, you must brush and comb her several times a week. By doing so you will collect a never-the-end supplies of hair for your felting projects and bond with your dogs forever!

As for being hypo-allergenic, many people with allergies have no problems living with a poodle because the poodle does not develop dander which is what actually causes the allergic reaction The hair of a poodle never stops growing; therefore a full clipping every six to eight weeks is required. You can have your poodle groomed by a professional or learn how to groom her yourself.

I met Edu Artero at PCA this year and got some product to try .... JUST GOT IN LOVE with his product and since then we are officially changed to ARTERO grooming :)

VITALISING BATH - for weekly, bi-weekly and after show bath

SHAMPOO BLANC- before show bath

MATT-X Dematter and Conditioner - for ALL our matt problems - works just super!!!

We do provide Poodle grooming occationaly mostly for Dog Shows!

Check out our Felted Art projects and poodle collection exclusevly made from our dogs hair :)

If you would like to have any of felted projects we handmade, or wants us to made one for you , please sent us a request

Needle Felted Jack

Felted soap

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